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Pricing Model

We offer flexible pricing options to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, including:

Hourly Fee:

Applicable for tasks that require a specific number of hours to complete, such as bookkeeping or payroll processing. This model offers greater flexibility and transparency for clients who prefer to pay for the actual time spent on their projects.

Fixed Fee:

Applicable for tasks that have a set scope of work, such as tax preparation. This model provides clients with a clear upfront cost, allowing for easier budgeting and peace of mind.

Cost Plus

Applicable for large-scale outsourcing projects with customized requirements. This model takes into account the direct costs of providing the service plus a markup percentage, ensuring that both parties benefit from a mutually beneficial pricing structure.

Subscription-Based Pricing

Monthly or annual subscription plans that provide clients with a predefined set of services, such as a certain number of bookkeeping hours, payroll processing, or tax preparation services per month. This model is beneficial in providing a clear budget forecast and keeping a cap on Opex.

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